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Public Lands

There is a reason that my family and I choose to live in Utah. We love to rock climb, to ski, to hike. We love the mountains, the deserts, the beauty of this special place. Yet there is a common presumption that bureaucrats in Washington are more capable of taking care of Utah than the people who live here are.

Some say 67% of Utah is federal lands; others say the number is closer to 75%. The truth is, no one knows because the government isn’t even capable of conducting an accurate inventory of their holdings, let alone effectively administering such vast swaths of lands.

Many of these public lands could be—and should be—controlled and administered by the state.

We, the people of Utah, are capable of protecting our own backyard from abuse or exploitation. We are capable of protecting the true wilderness that we love without cutting off so many of our lands to multiple use.

I am the chairman of the Federal Land Action Group (FLAG). Our work is focused on creating a legislative framework to have control of public lands transferred back to the states. I will continue fighting for local ownership and control of our lands.